2005 Bellwood Service Rifle

The way this material works is like this: Where the name of a match is a link, click to go to a description of the match.

Following completion of a match, the results will be posted on the web site, and the dates of the matches will become links to those match results. Bottom line? If something turns into a link, click it, and go somewhere!

Service Rifle Matches (Click the date to view the results)

April 3rd (rained out) , May 1st, June 5th, July 10th, August 7thSeptember 11th, and  and October 2nd.

We also have a few special matches scheduled this year. Click the name for a description of each shoot. The names and dates are:

Special Matches

Military Bolt Only Match April 23rd (rained out), September 17th, 2005

40 Shot Offhand Match June 12th

Garand Match August 13th

NRA-registered Small Bore Matches May 28th and July 16th


All matches scheduled for this season (April through October) will have registration beginning at 8:00 (or a little before) and the match at 9:00.

For questions or information about the matches, please contact Gib Moyer @ 814-355-0547 or email at gem14@email.psu.edu. For directions, call Walt at the Sportsmenís @ 814-742-9891