2007 Bellwood High Power Rifle Schedule

The way this material works is like this: Where the name of a match is a link, click to go to a description of the match.

Following completion of a match, the results will be posted on the web site, and the date of the match will become a link to those match results.

High Power Rifle Matches (If a date below is a link, click it to view the match results)

April 1st May 6th, June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th, September 2nd and October 7th.

Special Matches

There are three Garand/Springfield Matches, on Saturday, January 20th, February 24th and March 24th, 2007. This is a new format for this year. Go to this page to read a description of the match. To view match results, click on the match date.


There will be a  Small Bore Match at Bellwood on Saturday May 12th, 2007.  Click the link to see a description of the match, and for directions to the Club.

We can have other special matches this year, depending on interest and scheduling. Contact Gib Moyer if you have an interest in some type of shoot, or to help him schedule. Suggestions include Enemy At The Gates (Mauser/Mosin-Nagant), Military Bolt Action Only, Garand, Battle of the Bulge (wear your WW II gear), etc.

All matches scheduled for this season will have registration beginning at 8:00 (or a little before) and the match at 9:00, unless specifically noted otherwise ..

For questions or information about the matches, please contact Gib Moyer @ 814-355-0547 or email at gem14@email.psu.edu.