For the fishing enthusiasts, the club continues to raise trout to stock the club pond. Around the beginning of July the External link opens in new tab or windowFish and Boat Commission delivers fingerlings, which are hand-fed until next April, when they will be used to provide the kids of the area with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the skills of trout fishing.

The rules and regulations for fishing in the pond are as defined in the Sportsmen's Fishing Rules, but basically it is a program that the Club has for the young fishers under the age of 16. As might be expected, there are always a few "adults" who can't understand a youth-oriented activity, nor be embarrassed into refraining from competing with the little kids for the easy fishing, but the kids still have a lot of fun. Not intended to be a child care activity, it intends for the parent(s) to remain with the fishers, to supervise, and equally important, to enjoy this activity together.

For those who might not know it, the Bellwood Sportsmen's Association spends a significant amount of money feeding and caring for these trout, in order for the knowledge and love of the sport to be passed from one generation to another. Countless people have said that they remember their Dad or Grandpap bringing them to "Sportsmen's Dam" when they were kids - now they are Dads or even Granddads. For the members, watching the excitement of the young people as they experience this sport is well worth the time spent in working with the fish