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The last Service Rifle Match of the 2002 season was held on Sunday, October 6th, 2002. The squad size was down a little, but not the enthusiasm. For a look at the scores, click on this link

As soon as you get your 2003 calendars, mark the first Sundays in May through October, and plan to come shoot with us.

Also, Keep your ears open for any additional shoots, such as the "WW II" or Mauser vs. Mosin-Nagant shoots.

Over there are the results of the Service Rifle Match shot on September 1st, 2002. Really great to see the Junior shooters, especially Brad, who cleaned my rifle for me!

Results of Service Rifle Match shot on August 3rd, 2002.

Mauser vs. Mosin-Nagant Shootout, August 3rd, 2002 results are in!!!

Results of the July 7th, 2002 Service Rifle match are over there!!

June 22nd, 2002 World War II Commemorative Shoot results can be reached with a simple click here!

Would you like to see Walt taking a bath?!! It happened in front of witnesses, too!

Service rifle shooting

On January 25th, 2003, there will be another shoot in commemoration of World War II, like last year's January and February "Battle of the Bulge" shoots. Go over there to get the details.

Registration will be at 10 am, and the match at 11. No sighters during the match, but people who get there early may zero before the match starts.

To read about the previous matches commemorating World War II, click over to the archive pages.

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