2004 Bellwood Match Schedule

Service Rifle Matches Click the match names to read the descriptions; click on dates to view the results.

May 2, June 6, July 10, Aug. 1, Sept 5 and Oct 3. For all regular service matches registration will begin at 8:00am and the match will begin at 9:00am.

We also have several special matches scheduled this year for Saturdays. In addition to our Mosin/Mauser and Garand matches, we have a Military bolt only match, an offhand match and a small bore prone match.  (Click the name for a description of each shoot). Briefly the dates and info are:

Special Matches

Mosin/Mauser (Enemy at the Gates Match) May 15th & Oct 9th

Garand Match June 26th

Military Bolt Only Match May 29th & Oct 23rd

40 Shot Offhand Match May 22nd

Small Bore Prone Match July 17th

All matches scheduled for this season (May – Oct) will have registration beginning at 8:00 (or a little before) and the match at 9:00. Depending on the success of these special matches we may have more or less matches. I ( Gib Moyer) received some requests for these and we will see how it works out.


For questions or information about the matches, please contact Gib Moyer @ 814-355-0547 or email at gem14@email.psu.edu. For directions, call Walt at the Sportsmen’s @ 814-742-9891, or visit www.bellwoodsportsmen.com .

This material was updated on August 2nd, 2004. Please notify Walt if you have any corrections or additions. (It's OK to say something nice, too!)