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However, a display of a total lack of interest in the site has resulted in a total lack of new information regarding the club activities.

The site has been an attempt by one of the members to generate some interest, but finding news is frustrating, with no input from other members or interested parties.

Maintaining the site is not a problem, but paying to keep the domain names registered and paying for hosting is an expense - since 2003 - on one volunteer.

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About Bellwood Sportsmen's Association

P. O. Box 312
Bellwood, PA 16617
(814) 742-9497

Bellwood Sportsmen's Association is situated on about 127 acres of land just above Root's Crossing, two miles north of Bellwood on Route 865, on the way up the mountain to Blandburg. To get directions, click here, or call the Club at (814) 742-9497.

Shooting sports

For those who are looking for a club where you can shoot rifle or pistol on target ranges, Sportsmen's has target stands at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards, and metal silhouettes at 200 and 300 yards. There are 12 "U-shaped" shooting stations, and there may be rifle rests and sand bags for shooters' use, unless they have been destroyed or stolen. All of this provides excellent facilities for sighting-in hunting guns.

There is a pistol-only shooting area, and there is also an area set aside for member's archery practice near the front of the club grounds.

 Shot shell is prohibited on the rifle and pistol ranges, but for patterning, there is a wooden skid at the left side of the pistol range. Other than patterning, there are no range facilities for shotgun shooting.

Members are permitted to use the trap fields for hand-throwing birds, keeping in mind the safe direction to shoot.

Trap shooting

Trap is another activity has been closed due to lack of interest, and the machines sold, to prevent further deterioration.

Thursday Shotgun Shoots

The club's Thursday night Shotgun Shoots resumed on September 6th, the Thursday after Labor Day.

As of the 2015-2016 season, the cost of the shotgun shoot is $8.00 for six (6) shots. The shooting is in relays of 20 shooters each, and the prizes are excellent choices of meat from the Bellwood Hometown Market.

Signup starts at 6:00 and the first relay starts promptly at 7:30.

The club runs a kitchen serving hot dogs, french fries, chicken tenders, coffee, and soft drinks.  The club is interested in encouraging the young people in the area to take an interest in the sport of safe shooting, and they are welcome to participate in the shooting.

For information, call the Club at 742-9497.


For the fishing enthusiasts, the club continues to raise trout to stock the club pond. Around the beginning of July the Fish and Boat Commission delivers fingerlings, which are hand-fed until next April, when they will be used to provide the kids of the area with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the skills of trout fishing.

The rules and regulations for fishing in the pond are as defined in the Sportsmen's Fishing Rules, but basically it is a program that the Club has for the young fishers under the age of 16. As might be expected, there are always a few "adults" who can't understand a youth-oriented activity, nor be embarrassed into refraining from competing with the little kids for the easy fishing, but the kids still have a lot of fun. Not intended to be a child care activity, it intends for the parent(s) to remain with the fishers, to supervise, and equally important, to enjoy this activity together.

For those who might not know it, the Bellwood Sportsmen's Association spends a significant amount of money feeding and caring for these trout, in order for the knowledge and love of the sport to be passed from one generation to another. Countless people have said that they remember their Dad or Grandpap bringing them to "Sportsmen's Dam" when they were kids - now they are Dads or even Granddads. For the members, watching the excitement of the young people as they experience this sport is well worth the time spent in working with the fish.


The financial support of the club depends on the dues paid by the members, (many of whom only visit the club for the annual "shooting-in" prior to hunting season) as well as the Thursday Night Shotgun Shoots during the winter months. The dues and fees are listed in the fee schedule.

Every member of the Association is encouraged to take advantage of the facilities of the Club, and everyone is welcome to join the club. For those who wish to use the target shooting facilities, they are required to become familiar with the Range Rules.

HP Rifle Match Information

For those of you who participated, you are aware that the near-total lack of interest demonstrated to those who spent their time and efforts to make the shoots possible has resulted in the cancellation of HP matches at Bellwood Sportsmens.

This information will no longer be updated, but results from early years will remain for now for anyone interested. See Ancient History below.


Hunter Safety

For information on classes here and other locations,  go to the Game Commission web site at -


The season will open in April 2016 on the Club's pond, for kids 15 and younger, and there will be a Fishermens' Breakfast as usual.

Bellwood Sportsmen's Youth BB Gun Team

This activity has been transferred to Blair County Game Fish and Forestry Association (Riggles Gap).  Check or call Blair Game at 814-942-8522.

Ancient history

HP match results for past years

2011 - The complete 2011 schedule is over there. The match names are links to the match descriptions. Also, after a match has been shot and the results posted, the dates on that schedule page will be links to the results.

The first scheduled matches for 2011 were two winter Garand/Springfield Matches on January 22nd and February 19th followed by Garand/M1 Carbine on March 19th.

The Garand/M1 Carbine match was shot on March 19th, 2011. The program for the Carbine Match is here.

These three winter match days were followed by a 'soup and sandwich' lunch at a cost of donations.

2010 - The regular season matches are finished for 2010. The next matches will be the winter matches posted above, in 2011.

The composite schedule is still available for the 2010 season. That schedule provides links to match descriptions and rules, the dates of the matches, and the results after the matches are held.

Questions about these matches are referred to Gib Moyer, who provided it.

2009 and earlier - The schedule for 2009 and links to results are still available; click here to view them.

The match activities for 2008 are over there.

The results from 2007 are still available at this link.

Here is a link to the 2006 matches.

And here is a link to the 2005 season.

For those who participated in 2004, those results can be found here.


To see miscellaneous material from earlier days, covering past years, go here.



If you find any errors, links that don't go where they should, factual errors, or suggestions for new content and anything pertaining to the material and information on this web site, please contact  For inquiries about Club administration, membership, or other club business, please call the Club at (814) 742-9497.

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